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ba_jail_experiments_v2d4y removal

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Map Removal


Full map name


Type of map

Prison Break

Why should we remove it

After repeated play on this map, I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing great about this map that should make it worthy of the server. A lot of the time CTs don't give orders on this map for whatever reason, and there's no way to get into the armory unless a CT opens the door to it or unless they go through the sewers, and this leads to a lot of armory camping. A lot of players seem to dislike this map like I do, too. If it isn't removed, then it would be nice to see it moved further into the rotation, because I honestly believe there are a lot more maps on the server better suited to take it's place on the rotation.

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I don't think this map needs to be removed, i just think it needs to be somewhere else in the rotation rather than after electric so its not played so much.

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