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Well im new to Sg and i wanted to know what does the server RUN BITCH RUN | *Escape*

means because i havent got the time to play lately becuase i just wanted to know.


Reggie Out:biggrin::thumb:

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Ye , They Basically Said The Answers Above.

There are various maps , each one having a different ending, example in one you escape from a helicopter , another map from a boat etc.

One zombie starts and he has to infect all the others.

Good enough ? :)

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Basically its if your not a zombie then run your ass off :).


Shit, I run like a freak on speed, even if I am a zombie. You try to dodge a nuke standing in place.


Escape is insane, and with the very popular, highly anticipated map "LOTR: Mt. Doom" finally put into map rotation, traffic is ridiculous and people are having a blast. You should see me there often, a lot of the SG community actually, so be sure not to pass up seeing us in action or just saying hello.



You will run, run, run your ass off, and then run some more.

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Try to join once in a while dude your really like since it Its Zombie mod only isntead of Blockabing the zombies(like you would on Naplam) you run to a safe point, ship, Boat, Or heli. Also you might relly love ze_LOTR_Mount_Doom_v2_3F like said above. So come on up and Run your Ass off K :thumb:

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