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  1. donate like 5 bucks to sg to be a subscriber, you gets perks

  2. Miss you Elleon!!!

  3. That is probably the most retarded thing I have ever seen. No offense intended. Are we trying to keep admins and players from joining this server? At first glance, that certainly seems to be the objective here. EDIT: 1. Refer to above post 2. I don't think even 1/4 of that could fit in the MOTD, let alone expect anyone to memorize it 3. Holy shit, who do you expect to enjoy themselves with that? 4. Why even write "use common sense and judgement" when every action that a player can perform has been mapped out already?
  4. Even though this thread provides us with endless hours of amusement, it can be closed now. Seriously, you had to wait literally 5 minutes to recieve an answer...
  5. Lame! I don't see why they would switch it then, aside from the fact they have personal issues with the map or something. It's bad enough we have to tolerate Battleslider. Just wouldn't make sense if we had to sit through something inferior to that as a replacement.
  6. Hence my initial question and the name of the thread. But wait, WTH. You guys played a new slide map when I was gone? Not fair!
  7. I don't mind some of the shots too much, since generally the worst parts to avoid obstacles are the ones in which decent chases come into play, but that P90 is completely unnecessary. That neither adds the element of fun or challenge. And no matter what anyone says, I will still consider them an idiot if they continue or even suggest the ceiling was put into place as an intentional obstacle for the map.
  8. Now you are just doing that on purpose. This thread is not an appeal for battleslider to be added into rotation again. You kill me Supa...just finish me off with a twist of the blade you horrid little troll with nappy hair.
  9. You fucking troll, worse than that fucking noob Supa. Nah, I get what you're saying though. Those comments are about an constructive as the ones that simply state they enjoy the map.
  10. When was the last time you played with me in the past week? Rofl You always amuse me. These statements are what I love about you ronen.
  11. And again, your response contributes nothing to this conversation. Whether or not you would want or think updates could be made is a good starting point, but leaving it simply at "I have fun on this map" is just not that significant. You fucking noob!
  12. I was hoping for a bit of forethought when responses are being made, but i suppose that's a little too much to ask. If you play this map, and I am sure you do considering it's on atleast half a dozen times a day, nothing I have posted should be hard to understand. The bottom line is, this map is too easy and skill is practically non existent in almost every aspect.. @Hilner - Being 1 of the top 5 players, if not the top player in MG, I would expect you to understand best how having little to no challenge is boring. I can't even be considered mediocre at best and i find it dull when everybody and their mother can beat this. Unless that is, you really don't give a shit and enjoy that kind crap, then it's makes sense. There are plenty of those people out there so I suppose it wouldn't actually surprise me, but for arguments sake, let's pretend you do care. Fighting is fine and so is killing other players, but there is a difference between sliding, avoiding obstacles, and chasing players down vs shooting a group of CTs or Ts in the back while they are basically standing still. Atleast the original had the ramps so players could spread out, but with this version, everyone is in two locations clustered and then continuously end up in that same position time and time again for half the map. It's perfectly reasonable to be annoyed when you are killed by someone who simply shifts from one side of the map to the other in the first five seconds, or being forced to die simply because of that flaw or those like it. *********** When I suggest a complete overhaul, I am talking about a complete expansion, not hacking at and tweaking the same crap over and over again to get something worse than the last so called "version". Open the playing field, allow players to spread out, engage the enemy on their terms in a manner that's fitting of a fight, and not shooting fish in a barrel. I am not having a debate on whether or not this map is good, merely suggesting that while they have this map removed, make updates with actual updates, not completely insignificant and unused and useless addons. Of course, whether or not anyone actually agrees or disagrees with me if fine, but pretending that I actually care about how you try to point out how illogical my logical statements are isn't the point and never was. If you have an issue with that, so be it, but it still contributes nothing to this conversation and I just wanted you to know that. ********** This is mainly what I was referring to when I mentioned that too much emphasis was being placed on the slide, far more so than the actually battle portion. Even those ontop still spend most of the time trying to..idk, race the entire time and others bitch and moan because they keep getting shot, believing they actually have the unlikely and very slim chance in hell of glimpsing their name on the record board. Is that really fighting or BATTLE, when most are just trying to get to the end while guys keep picking them off from behind? Maybe I have a different definition, who knows.
  13. I enjoy slide maps as well and battleslider use to be one of my favorites, but that was the original. This one on the otherhand is not quite as appealing.
  14. Well, a few of us noticed battleslider wasn't in rotation anymore and I am curious to know where it went. Did someone remove it permanently or temporarily? I know it is sort of popular, but me personally, I am glad it's gone. We need a newer and better version of this map, a complete overhaul. Too many noobs can beat it and there is far too much emphasis being placed on the slide portion itself. 99% of the players end up being stacked on the sides in the beginning and then pop out in the same fashion, resulting in half of the team being killed before they even get across the bridge. Being shot once disrupts your movement dramatically, so it can be a serious nuisance trying to pass the rest of the obstacles from that point on. The end generally has 1 or 2 finishing or perhaps half a dozen each round. At the end, players can simply sit with a gun and shoot anyone comming in before they even touch the teleports, have a shit fight, or really annoying people just hop back through and delay the round even further. Basically it's just an incredibly boring, annoying, and repetative map as it currently stands; it should should be changed. A number of the regulars noticed this right off the bat, but I am surprised someone hasn't taken seirous consideration of the matter. There are more problems associated with this, but I don't know, give your thoughts and opinions.