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Question About Teleporters

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Hopefully the answer is simple. If no rule in game already states it, can T's use teleporters without being killed. One of the prime examples is on Electric Razor. The vending machine on the right, when activated, teleports you to the kitchen. I admit there is a Mac-10 in there, but you don't forcible pick it up when using the teleporter. If a CT calls freeday, (no armory no vents obviously) can I use the teleporter without being killed as long as I don't pick up the primary? I've seen many T's killed this way, and they usually complain. Just wonder what the official rule on it is.

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Its up to the CT's, but remember all teles and vents are all forms of escape.

Well for you- you said if a CT calls freeday no armory or vents, you can use tele and if it doesn't break the rules given you shouldn't be killed, if you do get killed, hopefully you had a demo

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I think the teleporter on Space Jail should be an instant-kill as there's a weapon up there and it's hidden from normal view. Electric razor might as well be one big ass vent, there are so many of them :happy:

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Im glad this was brought up because i have seen alot of killing when someone goes through a teleporter then the T gets pissed i have not seen this for a while though (a while meaning 2-3 weeks)

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