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Well a few people know this, but its now time to make it more public. For the past few months I've been working on my own mod for Half Life 2. Its called Source Racing. Its going to be a multiplayer mod racing on various tracks. Currently planned is Indianapolis, Daytona, LeMans, a figure 8, and tricks map. We shortly will be offering beta testing and stuff.


But due to this, I will not be as active as I'd like to as a Board member. So I will step aside and not let my inactivty hamper the boards progress in things they wish to do.


I will not really going anywhere. I'll still be online most of the time on Steam but I'll be focusing on making my mod work. If you'd like to check out our progress you can visit our website: http://www.abscuredvision.com. I'll keep you guys posted on here when we plan to release stuff and whatnots. I'll see you around cause this isn't goodbye...and I won't say goodbye, but hello. (hence the title of the thread)

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Its sad to see you go but we wish you all the luck with your mod and well keep in touch. SG is greatful for all you have done for us and you will be missed. But dont forget this is still your home. Come say hi when you have time and come back when you need to get your game on. Take care bro!

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