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What are you scared of?

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Post all of your fears, worries, or phobias here!

I'm afraid of hobos, needles, ghosts, clowns, pirates :jimlad:, and milk.





lol jk


I'll post more of my fears later!

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Leeches. Honestly. They scare the crap out of me. just kind of cringe whenever I think about them, ughhh... Not really anything else. Death, I guess. And pain. Nobody really likes pain.

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I hate spiders thats probably one of my only fears. Odd though I didn't used to be scared of them it was only when I was 7 and threw a spider on her lap to make her scream I got a fear for them. :sad: O yea I don't like lifts either ever since watchin a hospital programme when I was younger where the lift broke down. I don't mind glass lifts though just not enclosed ones. If I can think of anymore i'll post again :cute:

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People? They aren't as predictable as spiders or other animals. Small shit usually sets them off and the next thing you know they steal your fucking lunchbox. Bastards.

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You all have - Acarophobia- Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching.

I have - Amychophobia- Fear of scratches or being scratched.


Venemous ducks, warm toilet seats (usually not a good thing), Anything small with more than 4 legs.

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urrrgggg I hate spiders and enclosed area's where the only way out is backwards (because you can turn around)... Got lost in a sewer tunnel for 7 hours when I was a kid, scary shit when you can only see straight ahead in the dark.

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needles definately man......the other......an asian kid covered in white paint jumping out of dark places screaming at me o.O(Yes its from The Grudge....No the movie sucked...and Yes those kids in that movie are creepy as shit.)


err and im claustrophobic xD

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