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AMD or Intel

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ill have about 350$ in a couple of days so...i just need a new Processor and a new Mobo...im gonna use everything in my old PC..i mean im gonna get All new stuff but ATM im looking at Mobos and Processors


save your money then, in a couple of months new gfx cards + mobo's + processors come out then all the prices will drop, then you will be able to get an i7 + mobo + ram very cheap

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Tink is right. AMD for budget builders, Intel for power builders. There are a couple cheap Intel processors though out there you could find that aren't much different performance wise with their higher end counter parts though.

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see what ive heard was the i7 CPU's have glitches in them...im thinking i might just buy an intel core 2 quad but like my comp is really glitchy i bought a fuckin glitchy phenom which they wont let me replace and my damn Mobo is Foxconn and there equipment is shit so...im thinking im gonna buy some cheap shit to make an AMD computer and have that for a comp for a while or ill build a cheap intel computer for now and then later get a better one with an i7 or core 2 Quad Extreme...hmm...

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