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  1. I need this knife to donate to the raffle PLEASE and to bribe a BD for SA.
  2. give me SA and ill sneak in $60
  3. winners: @Zayne @Polarzz @Infinityward just hit me up on steam or discord whichever you prefer.
  4. IA is a senior rank so yes
  5. So in my last giveaway I didn't include the AT+ in it. well this is for you guys. Thank you for putting up with all of my BS over the years. Veterans, Legends, and AT+ only please. Im gonna giveaway 3 $60 games of your choosing or basically if you are chosen as a winner you can choose $60 worth of games, however you want to do it. Also if you are chosen and you want a pre-order i'll do that too if you wish. This closes on Sunday 6-28-20 at 9AM eastern, I will then draw the winners sometime that day. I'll post the winners and send out a PM on SG forums. Just post on the thread and I'll put your name into a hat. Thanks for all the hard work you all put into the community.
  6. i know we used to be homies but goodluck my guy. goodbye erik's son, the real OG DOM
  7. Yo, I made it into a signature for once. I love it, screenshot has been made.

  8. I enjoy teamspeak more. I find it to be much more simple to use. I also found that discord is more taxing on your computers resources, maybe not in some cases as my own and many others here but for the people who can't afford a high end PC, TS took less RAM and CPU usage than discord does. I also found the Voice quality much better in teamspeak but that is IMO. I voted TS but I would rather use the platform that can help SG in the end succeed more as a community than anything. As SG moves forward, the player base is going to get younger and with the popularity on discord in general, I honestly feel the best move is discord. A lot of younger people will know what discord is and more than likely already have it installed as opposed to teamspeak.
  9. I don't know why but vegetables were my go to for the 7 weeks I was on lock down, specifically peas.
  10. i just don't prefer the V6 mustang, I've driven both and I personally enjoyed the V8 more. I'm also not too keen on the sound of a V6 mustang either. If you like it and enjoy it then that is all that matters.
  11. I miss Ventrilo, can we make the move back to that platform?
  12. Black flag was by far my favorite, i enjoyed odyssey but i also enjoy greek mythology etc. Started origins but havent finished it yet.