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  1. welcome back, and damn son 1st year of college, i remember when you were just a youngin lmao

    1. Dominic


      pretty sure we were chilling before i even got into highschool lmfaoo imagine that. miss you homie hope all is well

    2. McBride


      most definitely before you hit HS lol. I'm good, hope all is well for you too man. 

  2. I check your page everyday, I check on steam to see if your on. Sometimes I forget you're gone. I watch old videos of gameplay just to hear your goofy ass laugh and that french canadian accent. Miss you buddy.

  3. was listening to king gizzard and the wizard lizard the other day. first thought was of you. fuck man I miss you a lot.I'll never forget that we were supposed to game that weekend too. Love you buddy

  4. you mad cute. RAUUUULLLL

  5. Still love you and miss you buddy. I'll never forget you roux.

  6. come back mcbride :( 

  7. Roux. I love you man. I want to thank you for everything you ever did for me. You helped me through my divorce, always checking up on me when I felt like I had no one. all the times you made me rage in CSGO with that OP CZ you used laughing maniacally the whole time, to the drunk scrim league game we played many years ago. I haven't cried in such a long time and hearing this new absolutely breaks my heart. I can't wait to see you again someday buddy. Also thanks for the roux merch and I'm glad ill always have this shirt to remember you by. Love you man and may you Rest in Peace my furry little friend. I love you Roux and you will be severely missed. <3
  8. Yo, I made it into a signature for once. I love it, screenshot has been made.

  9. It's a bump but ehh seemed like an appropriate thread @fantastic still hate you for watching me die then not even getting the kill. such a fun day in retakes.
  10. i mean I've been asking for a black name with the line thru it, so here it goes. no thanks bacon
  11. god you so cute <3

  12. IDK where you been man, haven't seen you in like a month. Hope you're doing alright.

  13. god you are so cute. I submitted a beautiful staff review of you.

  14. McBride


    this man right here knows how to run an event and get a server running +1