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First 2 to Answer this correctly get free supporter!

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Well, we had some good guesses, but the first two to answer were..





Hazardous and Doublesb!


The correct answer was 13211321322110


Since every line describes itself, as Hazardous explained:










First is 0.


Second is 10, because there is one zero.


Third is one one, one zero, 1110.


Third is three ones, one zero.


Etc, until the last line.




Well, since lithium tried so hard.. there's a change of plan!


Now, 3 supporters will be given out! Hazardous, Doublesb, AND Lithium will receive 1 month of free supporter! Congratulations to all!


I am now going to ask that the three winners please PM me with their STEAMID's, so that I may pay for the supporters.



Thank you all, it was a fun contest! I might be back soon with more supporter subscriptions up my sleeve!




Your Fun Loving Donator Shadow.

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