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mouse messing up

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ok so as of about a week ago my mouse has been going crazy...

ONLY when i play CSS does it doe this...

i can run around most of the time fine but whne i fire my mouse goes haywire... i cant just shoot 1 bullet it will just burst fire like 10 rounds then stop but i can hold the button down and fire all i want at once...

also the mouse will go crazy and become like super sensitive and look up down and start spinning and shit... it does this most of the time when i am shotting.. any ideas? i have deleted and re-installed CSS but not the entire steam.. running virus scans atm wut not...

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The spinning/jerking is prolly the sensor on the bottom thinking it's moved really far/fast when it hasn't due to the surface it's on or due to age. The rest sounds like a gunked up button.

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