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I was looking around at spicked and svendys forum (http://www.abscuredvision.com)


And I saw this !coinflip so I thought that this might be a good addition to the Scrim server while playing pug.


Cts get Tails and Ts gets Heads.


If theres a Tail. The Ct captain picks a player first

If theres a Heads. The T captain picks a player first




Captain T: !pug

Console: !coinflip is now available

Captain T or Ct: !coinflip

Console: Heads T picks first player.

Captain T: Player 1


!pug script does not exist but I think we could get one Fast and easy.


Tell me what you think.

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this, and, its not necessary, but I wish there were a way for a captain to say a players name (or pick from a menu) and said player is auto-moved.


esea has this in their script. for esea if you choose to do a captains pug it runs a script which picks 2 random captains and lets the captains pick their players and it auto moves them.

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