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L4D2 SALE - 3 People Needed

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Alright, well like I thought its been barely a month since l4d2 was released, and already they are having a sale (Part of the 5 day sale steam is having).


Well now L4D2 is 25% off, so it went from $50 to $37.50.


However the really interesting thing lies in the 4 pack you can by, it is also 25% off.


So it went down from $149.99 to $112.49.


112.49 / 4 = $28


So what do you say, anyone wanna buy L4D2 for pretty much have its price?


If so PM me, and once we get four people (me + 3 others) we will decide how we will go about paying it.



(Keep in mind the actually cost will be about $32 per person considering Taxes)



[Also please don't move this to buy/sell section, people won't see it by the end of the day]

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