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Map Changes and Voice is disabled...

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Ok I run a server from home and I am guessing that when the map changes it causes voice to be disabled for some reason, I am not sure if that is the cause but that is what happens.. When I got up in the morning and checked noone was able to use voice and I can't figure it out. I tried doing "enable_voice 1" and "all_talk 1". I don't know what else to do, upon restarting the server all is fine again. What else can I change or anyone know what the problem is? This is a Mini game server. I use the following Mods,


Mani Admin

Source Mod

Meta Mod

Kigen A C (Anti Cheat for Source Mod)

Event Scripts - Detocs (anti cheat), no block, super admin, iptocountry


What causes this??? How do I fix it??? If you need any more information I will provide it. Thanks

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changed sv_alltalk 3 in server.cfg, restarted server and same problem persists.


For some reason when I change the map noone can talk.. although I did go into my options, run a mic test and apply/ok and I go back in the game and my mic works again. Is there any explanation?

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