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  1. You definitely were a legend, hope you're well. Don't be afraid to visit once in a while.

  2. Leicester city, would be funny to watch them get relegated to the championship but also be in the champions league. Also PSG bottle it in the quarter finals each year so cant see them winning it.
  3. LZJAjUf466M Y80fQd8zrdU
  4. Lol sorry! I played for a bit on Saturday morning but got caught up in rocket league!
  5. I'm down to have one last round of CS:S MG. @matt Missing mg_swag_multigames_v2_1, also for old times sake: (resize players for the xmas map that I edited but I've forgot what it's called! The one where CT's had to hide and the santa's had to hunt them down).
  6. I guess you can count plastic chairs as fans right, they're made of the same material after all.
  7. You spelt Emptyhad Stadium wrong. [ATTACH=CONFIG]15882[/ATTACH]
  8. Add me on steam if you have any questions I can help. Just let me know your steam name before you add me so I don't ignore it.
  9. @Slade Please add for the lulz
  10. I hope your okay with what I did to your beloved MG.

  11. GPS spoof a path in your local area from home.
  12. Worked for me