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  1. You definitely were a legend, hope you're well. Don't be afraid to visit once in a while.

  2. Lol sorry! I played for a bit on Saturday morning but got caught up in rocket league!
  3. I'm down to have one last round of CS:S MG. @matt Missing mg_swag_multigames_v2_1, also for old times sake: (resize players for the xmas map that I edited but I've forgot what it's called! The one where CT's had to hide and the santa's had to hunt them down).
  4. @Slade Please add for the lulz
  5. I hope your okay with what I did to your beloved MG.

  6. Happy Birthday Paul!

  7. Homing missiles would be great, targets the closest innocent/ detective.
  8. A couple of ideas to hopefully improve the game play, please ignore anything which is currently in the plugin - I wasn't a VIP so don't know the full mechanics: Make a sprite appear above the VIP players heads as at the minute it is quite difficult to see the VIP in a crowd of players. Give the VIP a HP buff (200) VIP needs to have a primary weapon VIP gets a very minor speed boost over normal players? Admins can set a VIP for the next round If you are selected as the VIP then it must me made clear that you are, some people didn't realise they got selected. VIP alive counter on the screen somewhere with the VIP player names on the same menu. (think surf overlay menus)
  9. zm_escape_bridge_v1d
  10. Don't forget about us Europeans when deciding the times!