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  1. Lol sorry! I played for a bit on Saturday morning but got caught up in rocket league!
  2. I'm down to have one last round of CS:S MG. @matt Missing mg_swag_multigames_v2_1, also for old times sake: (resize players for the xmas map that I edited but I've forgot what it's called! The one where CT's had to hide and the santa's had to hunt them down).
  3. @Slade Please add for the lulz
  4. Homing missiles would be great, targets the closest innocent/ detective.
  5. A couple of ideas to hopefully improve the game play, please ignore anything which is currently in the plugin - I wasn't a VIP so don't know the full mechanics: Make a sprite appear above the VIP players heads as at the minute it is quite difficult to see the VIP in a crowd of players. Give the VIP a HP buff (200) VIP needs to have a primary weapon VIP gets a very minor speed boost over normal players? Admins can set a VIP for the next round If you are selected as the VIP then it must me made clear that you are, some people didn't realise they got selected. VIP alive counter on the screen somewhere with the VIP player names on the same menu. (think surf overlay menus)
  6. zm_escape_bridge_v1d
  7. Don't forget about us Europeans when deciding the times!
  8. You shouldn't be so salty about these things, if you want to know why I didn't do anything its because in-between my deaths I was tabbed out of game watching TV. Each time you and Kitteh asked me to slay people at the start of the round I checked the logs when I could but didn't see any obvious RDM. All I came back to each round was two people arguing against each other which is why they we're muted. This post did make me laugh as to how wound up you actually got over the whole situation. At the end of the day its a video game, calm the fudge down m8, maybe try one of the more stress free servers like prison break. But on a serious note if I can get a new admin contract with my requested bonus scheme then I'll consider coming back @Caution
  9. Good! The pay here sucks anyway, you guys don't even offer a bonus scheme...that's some bullshit! Bunch of bus wankers the lot of you... t1V_qz9I1Nk
  10. If this is you then stop, it causes so much confusion in the server and leads to RDM. It also makes the logs more difficult to read and is simply dumb in the first place, go play on a knifing server if you want to have knife fights.
  11. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Server needs dropping back down to 24 slots, 28 slots causes the server to take a shit when its full. Those 4 extra players make it more chaotic as more people are talking on their mic's, which then leads to more RDM which makes it more of a pain to admin.
  13. What is this? On the 1st of each month we will be opening up a subscriber only raffle which will run alongside the newly named "public raffle". This works the same way as the current raffles did however as you can guess from the title only subscribers are allowed to purchase tickets into these raffles. The only other things which are different from the public raffles is that subscriber raffles have a ticket purchasing cap of 150 tickets per raffle and each person is only able to win 1 prize in the raffle each month. The subscriber raffles are designed to give back to those of you who support the community by means of donating which enable us to keep our servers running. Please also say thanks to @Liam Brown for amending the raffle plugin in such a short space of time to cater for the new sub raffle! Please note we will continue to run a public raffle alongside the subscriber raffles which will open on the 1st of each month as usual. Subscriber Raffle Prizes - 1st January 2016 - 31st January 2016 >>>PRIZE POOL 1st Prize - M4A1-S Golden Coil | (FT) 2nd Prize - M4A1-S Cyrex | (FN) 3rd Prize - R8 Revolver Fade | (FN) 4th Prize - AWP Redline | (MW) 5th Prize - AK47 Frontside Misty | (MW) 6th Prize - Souvenir P90 Teardown | (MW) 7th Prize - M4A4 Dragon King | (FN) 8th Prize - AWP Sun in Leo | (MW) 9th Prize - 5,000 SG Store Credits 10th Prize - 5,000 SG Store Credits 11th Prize - 5,000 SG Store Credits 12th Prize - 5,000 SG Store Credits
  14. 7.666666 months Kappa I'm sure given the high value skin that Caution wouldn't mind giving you 8 months.
  15. Hey, please can you not bump old threads. Thanks! :>

  16. My names Paul not Richard mate.

  17. New Subscriber Payment Method We have had numerous requests in the past from players asking if they can donate to our raffles which we hold and also if they are allowed to pay for subscriber with CS:GO skins. As of today we are going to be doing a trial for where players who do not have paypal can now pay for subscriber with CS:GO items/skins. The only requirement to be able to pay for subscriber by donating CS:GO skins/items is that we have a minimum donation amount of $15 which would unlock 3 months subscriber. Breakdown $15 skin = 3 months subscriber (minimum donation amount of $15) $20 skin = 4 months subscriber $25 skin = 5 month subscriber (Every $5 more would unlock 1 additional month) You may also donate skins for store credits - you can find the rates HERE To donate with CS:GO skins send a trade offer to @bethy by clicking on the "Donate CS:GO Skins" image below who will then accept the trade and add subscriber to your account upon trade confirmation. Please ensure that you leave a message note at the bottom of the trade with your forum account name! This is not only a way for those players who are unable to donate by paypal but this will also allow us to hold a larger/ better raffle prize pool each month.
  18. @Liam Brown is a wizard, when he changed the raffle plugin he made it so that you can only get one multiplier. So if you are a subscriber wearing any other tag you would only get the subscriber multiplier and not both.