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hi, im going on xmas shopping and i need some help getting 1 of 2 possible things, either a new gpu (i dunno if i really want to get one or not tbh) or a new monitor.


now you mightask when i say new monitor, am i trashing my old one? no, im getting a second one for dual monitor display. i plan to do stocks.

anyway, my current gpu is a 8800gt 512mb EVGA, i dunno if i really want a new gpu,as i don't plan to upgrade for the next year or so because im not buying any new games for a good while, mostly because, i've just lost interest.



now i need help from SG to decide if i want a new monitor or a new gpu, and whichever one i want, which is the best in its category?

my current gpu can handle dual monitors fyi.


thats my current monitor

also i cant sli as i dont have another pci-express slot.


if anyone would like to know my specs are:

ga-p35-ds3l rev2

4gb of ram clocked at 800mhz (technically 3.5 with 32bit)

8800gt evga 512mb

q6600 2.40ghz (i can clock it at 3.20ghz if i feel the pc is being slow. so no need to update)

500w psu

wd caviar blue 500gb sata 2 + 160gb ide wd


ps: i might just buy a second monitor of the one i already have, i dunno.

pss: im all up for radeon as long as it fits the bill over my old ass 8800gt


my budget is about $130. on one product.


edit: if you didnt understand above post about gpu, im saying if you can woo me enough on said gpu, i will buy.

if it doesn't seem all that great, im not going to opt for it.

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