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  1. >Consolidate to 1 dedi Not to jump in here off an 8 year perm with little to no understanding of the last 3 years except word of mouth from random members on VC but why don't you guys just drop the dedi's and use high quality VPS providers line Linode, Lightsail, or even OVH (looks like your dedis are on OVH today anyway)? One VPS for one instance, delete the ones that die, create new ones to try new things. I mean shit you could even look at cloud-provider burstable instances so you accrue CPU credits for the downtime for use on burst levels later. I'd be curious to see what monitoring tools you're using and seeing how each of your ds instances are doing perf wise on idle & on max possible activity, bandwidth requirements, etc. Create an environment in the cloud where you scale up/scale down based on events. Automate server creation (guessing you guys already have scripts or use public/open source ones for spinning up dedi instances of various gameservers). Honestly I think I had said this 10+ years ago but SG should've just outright bought hardware and colo'd it somewhere and stuck with it. But now that seems like a foregone conclusion to do your own HW because cloud providers are undercutting eachother on the daily and it is way more economical to go that route. TTT - I feel like the csgo version is not great (2hrs played) and the gmod version is OK but there's a lot more gmod TTT servers and that's more competition. TBH I feel like it would be cool to just try and be the first ones on s&ndbox's implementation and ride that wave. I'm definitely going to play s&ndbox TTT when it drops. CSGO TTT seems REALLY foreign to me coming from gmod's version. Discord - I hope you guys continue to grow this. My feeling from participating in other communities that are as old as SG is this: SG has history and has a lot of people coming back, they pop into the discord and they chill. They play games with fellow old/new members and create new cliches/groups/times. They invite their friends and a community is built that is somewhat "decentralized." I really think communities like SG should emphasize how great discord is and really function within that scope. It feels like the younger gen doesn't like forums as much. Player servers are on the downturn and that's really just how it is, it's not an SG specific thing. There are many games that require communities and those can still be drivers for SG to keep memberships up but honestly I think across the board just pulling back "permanent" server presence and riding with the wave that is flavor of the month gaming is probably safer I think discord is great here but you guys could clean up some channels a little bit. I think there is too much usage of categories so it makes the UI looks cluttered for new users, presentation is really important and when you have 5-6 dead channels it looks really awkward when you can consolidate them down. My 2c is for the text channels: -----normal shit------ #general #random #politics/news #oc (covers food, art, yada yada) #aww (cute things, animals) -----games------- #games #specific-game-that-is-popular-1 #specific-game-that-is-popular-2 #specific-game-that-is-popular-3 #specific-game-that-is-popular-4 Really just what I want to push is scrolling thru this all the time to see who's in VC's below isn't great (also because they're off center) edit: also fully aware I deserve shit for coming back for less than 1 month and saying a bunch of stuff about do X Y. I'm not trying to ride anyone's dick I just wanted to give my experiences in the last few years still being terminally online and how that is maybe relevant to you guys. I really don't want to come in here and sound like I know best. I just want to give my perspective and I hope you guys won't totally roll me over the coals for that. Thanks!
  2. most tsundere weeaboo cock craver i've ever met would build harem with again 10/10


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  4. we miss u baboo

  5. i'd like to give a shout out to my moms for bringing me up here today, my team for working well, and God for giving me the strength to have the willpower to achieve
  6. no i win by forfeit edit: why not just make it so you have sign ups and we random teams? you're not gonna be able to get even 3 teams together. just ask that people sign up and then we pool players for teams
  7. I bet you don't even have a waifu.

  8. jazzy

    Knife Shop?

    yeah i haven't really seen the need for flashlight but i haven't played much there are nightvision goggles in the game now too, i think it's item_nvgs. i'm sure there's a sm plugin for it but it's a pretty big frame drop iirc
  9. jazzy

    Knife Shop?

    On the subject of knife shop is there anyway around inspect being flashlight? I know it sounds super dumb but one of the more enjoyable things is spamming Inspect+Reload to cycle animation spamming, but since the plugin binds inspect to flashlight it's no longer possible
  10. be advised this user likes japanese anime

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