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  1. I didn't mean to derail your thread like that nor do I really want to open fresh cuts about anyone's recent bans/appeals, and I'm sorry if it's coming off that way. Maybe my main point is that the reason you're seeing people who continue to get banned->unbanned->repeat is because there is an environment of toxicity here that is creating negative behavior, which to be honest, is probably also contributing to the decrease of people who really want to stick around. I don't pop my head into the discord too often but it honestly looks exhausting interacting with some people in this community who refuse to drop an inch of their ego and just respond normally to one another. Honestly the last line of your post makes me think you're kind of in that zone too, where you think nobody here is wanting to make friends. This is an internet gaming community for a niche set of custom gamemodes for CSGO (amongst other things), people are coming here because we have like minded interests in playing those games, which should hopefully make a lot, if not all of us, "friends." I guess I don't really understand why anyone would come into Discord or the forums and contribute in conversation other than to try and meet and interact with people. Maybe I'm out of touch
  2. Honestly this is just my 2 cents as someone who came off a relatively long perm but I've kind of read through some older appeals, and it's funny because it looks like a few of us in this thread alone have taken a few perms or more I'm not trying to target anyone specific when I say this but I've read appeals here and there and the reality is anyone can write anything and say how sorry they are but I think what you really need to look at is the root of why they were banned. Nothing happens in a vacuum here and usually trolling and shit is predicated by people creating that environment. That day or night or whenever it was when Steel got banned in Discord I was fairly surprised to see him being the only one who ate one because he was constantly being egged on from everyone including admins, and it was pretty obvious he probably just needed to sit out for a little bit and cool off, and I don't really think that was deserving of a perm. Though I'm not omniscient and don't know backgrounds so maybe I'm off base here. What I do know is that the way people act is really just a manifestation of their environment and the reality is if this community acted a bit nicer to one another these things would happen less and there'd be less need to perm anyone. I'm not really going to sit here and point at the BD's for that but I think people need to reflect, and this needs to be talked about in the appeals, that chances are if you're getting banned you need to be asking yourself why you are treating others this way, and ask yourself if you're just seeking validation from your peers. Some of the stuff I've seen posted in Discord is a complete mirror of the way I acted back in 2013-2016. I have put in so many appeals here back in the day and immediately after being unbanned I proceeded to hang out with the same exact people who validated my trolling and played culpability in it. Like to me back then getting unbanned was beating a charge and that was the fun of it rather than actually learning why people were getting tired of me. I don't know if there's just too many in groups or maybe a couple in groups that are very big but I can see many people being ostracized for even doing something as simple as posting a thread on the forums or posting something in discord. It's almost like there's a group of people groaning whenever certain people open their mouths, even when all they're doing is talking about something innocuous. If I had to make analogies, which I really hate, is at times this place can act like a prison block. If you're not trying to look hard and cool and bully people, you'll just be bullied. It's schoolyard behavior and even after a decade plus it's still not been curbed here, partially because many admins participate in it. I think the most frustrating part of it all is when I jump on the server (very infrequently as per my gametime on the servers) I seem to have a great experience but honestly I don't know if there's just other discords or private chats but it seems like a lot of people have too much history with one another and can't let it go on either side and that results in a lot of friction and people just acting out. What I don't think needs to happen is people timing out people but rather just trying to mend some relationships. I think I've failed really hard at that since I've been unbanned because people I used to hang out with have not really wanted to talk to me, and I think partially it's because I still have an ego and can't get over a hump of admitting that back in the day I was the one who was annoying and toxic in those relationships Sorry to make a long post, but just had this on my brain way before this was posted, just didn't think there was ever a right time for it until now
  3. I am using Boba U4 Silent Tactiles. It's hard to call them my favorite switch but I keep returning back to them because of how quiet they are. I really like Gateron Black Ink's. I have some BOX Jades and those are great if you like clicky.
  4. gmod TTT let's go, until s&box, then we wildin
  5. jazzy

    Weed V2

    Medicinal properties are huge so legalize for medicinal federally no matter what. I think the vast majority of ppl agree on that. What I don't agree with the state's medicinal programs is having the sketchiest motherfuckers sell it, as you said, this market is a shit hole. Make it federally allowed or whatever the hell they want so PHARMACISTS can actually distribute it and start allowing medical studies with federal grant money. For recreational it's far better to abuse weed than alcohol IMO but I have my doubts people will substitute it they'll probably just end up doing both.
  6. Not really that into economics but my opinion: The rate hikes will continue but what really needs to happen is across the board tax hikes (won't happen l0l). Realistically speaking I don't see rate hikes causing unemployment as much as people think simply because there's a huge labor shortage in all markets. After all, covid killed hundreds of thousands. But more importantly many retired off the insane stock gains in 2020 and shifted to bonds for safety. I think the main fear is that the job market will be rough during this but I just don't see it, and I think the aggression the fed has had speaks true. There has certainly been some level of tech layoffs but I do attribute that more to the scaling back of salaries after how heated it got during 2020/2021. The situation in Russia/Ukraine has only cemented the US further as the strongest world power and Russia being walled off just makes the western economies (and the US as a result) stronger. I think covid really revealed the problems in the US's global strats in terms of chip shortages completely halting some markets, and there's some possible resolution in the future for that, but it feels like this depression will be a "mini" one if at all.
  7. jazzy

    Fall 2022 Anime

    Chainsaw Man has been on my list of to read for a while. I think I will watch the anime and then continue with the manga if I like it. Spy X Family is great, the animation has been top notch Mob Psycho 100 is a solid will watch
  8. Don't ask me about coin I put $500 into dash and I'm at $87 now
  9. As far as Smith movies go it's definitely more normie eccentric than some of his older stuff. Some of the scenes are great though
  10. If a 1v1 server gets made it better be called the #beef channel
  11. Without a doubt my favorite scene of all time is the jail cell scene in Clerks 2. The older I get the more it hits. It's really too long of a scene if you have no investment in Clerks/Kevin Smith movies, but if you watched Clerks 2 you'll probably enjoy a rewatch of this. edit: also Clerks 3 comes out very soon, so watch both of them before 3 drops!
  12. Back when I was 16 I wanted to do political science to do politic crap, glad that didn't work out lol, too broke/dumb for law school. Ended up working on a network security & admin degree, then switched to Comp Sci wanting to program, then didn't want to do that, then went back to Netsec. Right now just doin some IT stuff, digging deeper into networking. I won't say it's my "goal" but I've always heard the joke about this guy who got his Cisco CCIE (very difficult certificate that takes around a year of pure study, in addition to all of the stuff you need to do before (ccna, ccnp)), and he was a "design" guy more at that point in his career. All he did was sit on a boat with his laptop and fish. He'd get e-mails once and a while to view over implementation topologies and gave his input. Sounds like a good job.
  13. jazzy


    Side note: I agree with Slim Jim, but we also don't know what has already been said privately to them prior to any bans being handed. I don't know the situation that arose the other day completely, so this is not directed at anyone caught by the rule prior. I'm not here to disparage anything that has unfolded as a result, including the admins or the players. Honestly most places I've been around have a set of obvious rules like don't say X, don't say Y, don't do Z, blah. But many places have a pretty big golden rule, "Don't be a dick" It's an incredibly vague rule that has a lot of discretion, but at the end of the day an internet community is a bit like a wild west town. You're not really bound by true law, you're just run out of the town when you're annoying enough. At least back in my day, and it seems true today, is you get a LOT of discretion on how you were handled by admins when you broke a rule. But at the end of the day, annoy enough people and lose enough backing of enough people and you are going to get scorched. Back in the day everyone RDMed/prop dmed someone as a joke, even admins. As long as you weren't just annihilating the fun, it wasn't a huge deal. So basically the reality is once enough people were annoyed with you, they looked for pretty much any basic reason to get you out. The 3 strike rule was not always enforced and many perms (including my older one, before my final one) had been overruled as too harsh, blah blah blah. I think this new rule just settles this entire dilemma. Instead of waiting for you to fuck up and break an obvious rule, how about just skip to the part where they ban you. I'm not really against it. Speaking as a prior piece of shit, it took a nice long perm to get me to chill the hell out, and it was really a long time coming far before I was actually permed. There needs to be rationale behind banning someone, but at the end of the day I think the rigid guidelines of the rules set forth allowed little deviance, even when there's a need to create exceptions. This might be too meta but- communities are built on social interactions. What's the point in housing people who continue to alienate, frustrate, bully, and irritate the rest of the community? I'm not speaking directly about the instance that happened the other day because I don't know the full scope of it, but just my 2 cents.