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Ngo's Holiday Giveaway.

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First of all, Sup? :wave:


Holidays come and go, but this is my first with SG, let's make it a special one, k? :amuse:



This will also be a Raffle, but instead of the prize being money donated on behalf of you to SG, the winners will get a single Steam Game of their choice. There will be Two winners, and quite possibly a third, but he/she will receive something of lesser value.


I won't draw until Christmas Eve, 1st drawing will happen on the 24th of December aka Xmas Eve, while the 2nd drawing with occur on the 25th of December aka Xmas.


Everyday from now until the 24th, I will do events or challenges, the winner of said events/challenges will get there name put into the box another time. There is a maximum of 4 events that a single person may win, which equals a max of 5 names in the box.


I will also be on the forums each and everyday, if I see a lulzworthy post by a participant and deem it worthy, they will get +1 entries. :laugh: There is a maximum of 3 entries earned this way, so don't be TOO funny.



At least a SG.Mem or above.


Just copy and paste this into your post, while filling it out.

Forum Name:


Put me in the box Motherfucker!



Also, you must understand that I can at any time, revoke all your entries due to any problems that may occur.



That's about it.


Happy Holidays SG!

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lol, you rich bastard.










Forum Name: ....Bullet Wound clearly lol

A/S/L : Perv/Perv/Canada




This just earned you another entry.

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