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  1. @Crawfish you're the last one just hit me up with a personal message with your choice and i'll get to it whenever i'm on steam again.
  2. I have my off day tomorrow so i'll be getting to the prizes then.
  3. Once again sorry for the hold up, work has been extremely busy. [ATTACH=CONFIG]16656[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]16657[/ATTACH] Winner: #37 @BlackWhite RS2 Sent Winner: #42 @R3TROATTACK PUBG Sent Winner: #13 @Ahhhh PUBG Sent Winner: #40 @souceboss PUBG Sent Winner: #49 @Rye RS2 Sent Winner: #35 @Fuze RS2 Sent Winner: #23 @Crawfish Winner: #58 @Eldest PUBG Sent Winner: #48 @Paradox RS2 Sent Winner: #10 @Thomson PUBG Sent Congrats everyone! Add me on Steam whenever you get a chance and i will message you as soon as i can accept the friend request to get your choice of game between PUBG and Rising Storm 2. I shall be starting up the June thread in the coming week or so once i have time.
  4. Sorry for the hold up, will be drawing the winners tomorrow.
  5. You're good. I'll also be pushing back the draw date a few days, ended up taking a trip out of state for memorial day, will draw when i get back. Entries will still be open til then.
  6. One week left to enter. I'm also changing it up with the prizes, I'll be allowing the winners to select between PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam to help support the new server. Steam page here:
  7. I may be mistaken, but i think that first one is incompatible with nvidia gpu's.
  8. coincidentally my current monitor is actually that one but the 23'' version so those issues aren't even one. haha Do love me acer monitors though.
  9. As the title says, i'm in the market for 2 new monitors as my current one is about to be 7 years old and i'm wanting to replace it. I haven't checked out the monitor market is a few years so i really have no idea what i'm looking at. My plan is basically to get one dope ass monitor to use as my main gaming one and an additional lesser dope 2nd monitor for browsing and such while i'm not busy shooting people. Probably looking to buy the main one first with a budget of $500 and the 2nd probably around $200-300 Looking at 27" monitors mostly currently. Both would need to be the same size but brand doesn't matter to me. Currently running a i7 7700, GTX 1060, and 16 gb ddr4 2800. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. One love thanks
  10. It makes a ton more sense if you know about the backstory of it all. But yea it could get quite a bit confusing this way.
  11. Each months entry form will be different, so yes you will have to reenter.
  12. Hey everybody, i'm back with my largest giveaway to date. This one differs from previous giveaways as this one will encompass 4 months worth of giveaways from May til August, so buckle up. Now here's how this will be working, each month from May til August i will be giving away a total of 5-10 copies of a certain game each month with the possibility for more. The game of the month will most likely vary from the current popular games or a recently released game. As most of my giveaways, this one will also be restricted to only SG.Reg+ and above. The reason for this is that i like to give these chances only to those that have at least supported SG in one way or another. Those of you who don't reach the requirement please refrain from resorting to spam posting to reach the post requirement (This can result in me banning you completely from all future giveaways). May Giveaway: 10 Copies of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds or Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Game page: and PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback. Starting with nothing, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the lone survivor. This realistic, high tension game is set on a massive 8x8 km island with a level of detail that showcases Unreal Engine 4's capabilities. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Giveaway will be restricted to SG.Reg and above (This includes all Subs, HGs, LGs, and Admins). Entrants that don't meet this requirement will be deleted. - To enter, you must go to the link provided below and submit the answers required. - 1 entry per person is allowed. - Please be mindful of the requirements to run the game(s), i don't want to keep anyone from entering, but it just sucks if someone wins the game and it goes to waste because they can't run it. > > > > > > > > > > - Will be drawing the winners on Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day) *Feel free to Thank or Comment, but keep in mind these will not be considered Entries. Only through that google form will you be given an entry.
  13. here's the upcoming map [ATTACH=CONFIG]16477[/ATTACH]
  14. Honestly the best part of that is no more Phill Simms.
  15. Everyone should have received their copy of the game already, if not just hit me up. Enjoy!