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  1. Isn't there a 10 post minimum before he can see the shoutbox?
  2. Had fun, really glad it went on long enough for me to be able to play some after work.
  3. That's probably for the best. Those opiods are real dangerous as it is.


    They had me on vicodins and perc's for an ACL injury, but i just stopped taking them and smoked instead. On the plus side, the feelings way better anyways. heh

  4. Trees have been the best thing helping =p Tried Vicodin, Oxy's, Valium.. but trees are by far the best!

  5. Damn, that's really bad, i'm sorry. Nerve damage isn't anything fun. Maybe you could get something for it, or just some dank trees.

  6. Something to do with the nerves in my back, basically I'm just going to be in pain the rest of my life. NP!

  7. Aww man, hope you're able to get it, especially since you got hurt on the job too.


    Was it anything super serious?

  8. I probably won't, but going to try to fight for it lol. It's just the worst timing really

  9. Damn, that's harsh. Did you at least get workers comp or whatever it is?


    Really sucks. :|

  10. Got hurt at work and then fired since I couldn't do the job anymore LOL.

  11. :( aww man that's no good, what's going on?


    I'm just the same old, finally getting around to having time for pc stuff again.

  12. Pretty awful, hbu?

  13. Why do i start as a naked woman?
  14. How it dooo?