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Tim Tebow :'(

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lol, poor guy was crying, he said he'd never loose another game for Florida after loosing one last year to ole miss and going to the BCS championship undeafeated meant alot to him. He was one of the greatest College Football players anyway in my opinion, good luck to him in the NFL


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It was the cherry on top of the cake for me when I saw him crying lol :p Go bama!



On a sidenote, he will go down in the books as one of the greats of college football, and im sure he will do good in the NFL. Good luck to him.

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He isn't going to do well in the NFL if he is a QB. It's a completely different style of play than what he is used to and I don't see him making the transition to a well off pocket passer. The only place I could really see him as a QB is Miami, but even then, I'd expect him to have a pretty mediocre career as a QB.


If he could transition to something else, like a RB or WR, then he might be a pretty valuable asset to a team.

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