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  1. got that right ;)

  2. you ain't no AO bruh

  3. So no warning shots? I like
  4. I like the new award, its a good idea. Congratulations Liam. You deserve it
  5. This seems fancy. I like it. Will there be pie? If so, what kind?
  6. Thanks for all the new cool items . Thanks to all who helped!
  7. Phonicz

    Add Old School Maps?

    I'd be down for some mill or something of that sort.
  8. Phonicz

    Scrim captains

    Some type of surrendering option may be good for a team that is completely getting owned. I don't really care that much myself, but I could see how other would not want to sit there and get destroyed for an hour. I agree that admins shouldn't have the power to take leader, unless it was necessary for them to do so.
  9. Phonicz

    Scrim Event Bracket

    Im available for Friday, Saturday after 6 and majority of Sunday as of right now.