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After posting my rule discussion thread (http://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/showthread.php?t=28607), I went and looked through a few members of the SG community and saw that under their name, their rank is still SG Noob, but they were approved as a member. Here are a few examples:











I simply went through the approved request membership threads and checked if they were still SG Noobs. I stopped at page 9 of the membership request page. The list goes on.


Is there any reason as to why they are still SG Noobs?

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Maybe you have to posted several posts on the forum??

Or they aren't placed into the group yet...


We shall see...


I don't think so. The first two people on my first post have way over enough post. In fact, tucker is a SG.Reg, but his rank still shows SG Noob.

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It shows I'm both Reg and Hon


You're shown as a Reg because you did something stupid as admin (church incident, dont remember), but you also have a Hon tag because you have enough posts/have been here long enough. Your default group is just Reg because you're not allowed to be admin again or something, as I remember.

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They were removed by the request of Server admins.


Uhm, when i checked the first few, i could only find the request for mem. Nothing else.. So i don't think you are right there...


Could be just me tho

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