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Well, I figure, I've got an extra $5 from a website I'm on. (If you really want to know, send me a PM.) Anyways. I'm just going to give it away. The money cannot be transferred, (so I cannot donate it), and it must be used to buy a game. That's where steam comes in.)




What You Win

First off, it's only going to involve steam games, and the total of the games must be less then $5. So, I suggest you take a look at all the games under $5, and see what you can get. (I've seen a few packs hold 5 games for $5, you can get quite a few good games.)




How You Win It

So, here's what you do. Choose two numbers between 1-300. You must choose numbers that have not already been chosen. (If you choose a number that's been chosen, I'm just going to null it, and the person that asked for that number before you will receive it.) There should be plenty of numbers for members to choose. If there are close to no numbers to choose from, I'll increase this to 400. (Though I'm quite doubtful it'll need to come to that.)




How The Winner Is Chosen

I'll ram the numbers into a spreadsheet, each number on a different line. Then, use a random number generator from random.org, to choose the number. The winner receives the prize.





You only got two days to enter. Sorry. So this ends on December 27th, 2009, at 8:00PM, EST. Anything after this time will not be entered.




Any questions? Just send me a PM. If the winner does not reply within a day, a new winner will be chosen. (Hey - I know I don't got much to give - but enjoy it anyways. ^_^)


And for a quick edit: You can request multiple games if you win. The total must be below $5, though. (So you can ask for, say, 4 $0.99 games, etc.)

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