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New Youtube Channel =O - MW2 Game Plays

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Alright, so me and some friends have been playing MW2 and just running around knifing people. SO i decided to make a YT channel for my up-coming MW2 Montages/Gameplay videos. It would be great if you guys could help by subscribing and rating =).


We also have a private gaming team called "NERDS" the purpose of this team is to be lvl 70+/prestige'd and only use knifes. If you want to join, just play with us a couple times and we might just let you join =).


Anyway, here are the videos I have uploaded so far =). Enjoy.



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Nice videos, I really want MW2 now! Dang, I'm too poor. :(


BTW, how did you embed such a big video on this forum? I still do not know how you guys post such big embedded videos in this forum.

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