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Would you die for your country?

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Would you die for your country?



Did you actually every ask yourself, how it must have been or how it is for all these young American soldiers to give their live for their country. Or how much they sacrafized for their country just to keep the world a normal place. :usa:





Now my question to you is:


Would you do the same for your country?


Would you give up everything you have to keep up your country for further generations?


Wouldn't you want to serve your country?



This is not only something you should only ask yourself, you have to ask it your friends, since many young American, British, German, French.. and many more Soldiers are dying to keep peace in the Middle East and to keep World Peace.



ME: Well I am personally scared of dying, so it is a hard joice to die for your country, but when you see your friends dying you have to join and if you loose the war, there is nothing left for me anyways, so Yes i would die for my country, even doh I would shit my pants in combat :peep:, and of course I would hope I wouldnt die.... :cry:, probably the it is even worse to loose a friend or to get seriously hurt :cry:



You really wanna help consider it...




I am proud to say that one of our members, Jewpiter proudly served :)


I still think of joining since I reall ywant an american passport, so i can work in the USA and live there.

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I definitely would.


But, half the soldiers in the Armed forces right now most likely joined because they had no other choice.


I've actually thought about joining the Marines ever since i was in middle school, every freaking day.

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