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I have found on the minigames server it has been very very laggy on the Hellz multigames map. Whats Happening. Ive had completely different answers such as a 700 pound hacker is doing it and that it is just the internet? Real answer please?

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It happend to all the servers yester day. I and MP was playing on DR and boom crash, we got the guy there thou. but it took 10 min befor the server was working again. then 1min after that boom I heard PB got crashed, after many huge lagg spikes. and I join MG later then that one started to lagg. THere might be some douches out there trying to break us down =( Just some days before that I was playing PB with the regulare players there:P and boom everyone got perm banned.


Is there a way to find out if there is a haxor?

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Yeah, escape server crashed 2 times in one evening probably one week ago...

Maybe there is a haxor working to DESTROY US!!!




(you will never get me...)


Probably some nolife loony asschicken who found interest in spending his holidays behind his computer trying to spoil other people their life...

BURN HIM !!!:mad2::flame::target:



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Realy, don't worry about it, hellz multigames has some lagg on serveral minigames, also, don't complain about lucky bastard, it's always laggy at the end of the round.

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