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Internet capp'd...GTFO!!?

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I would like to make it official, if not that everybody should know that Rogers Communications ( TV, Phone, ISP ) in Canada TRULY SUCKS for internet cap @ 60 Gigs... WTF?!


I woke up to a message showing me this, after downloading a some movies & discographies to burn, upload some vid's... download some clips here & there y'know the basics!!


C'mon can't ya give someone credit for trying to fill up his new 2 Terabyte & 500 Gig hard drive with games, movies and music?!


So in future for the rest of ya who didn't know of such thing till this post, watch out because there's people like me who got this message and were like "wtf?! GTFO my screen and let me dwl more!!"


haha Take care guys! ;)

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The wireless phone companies like Verizon and AT&T here in america cap their internet at about 5GB.

i dont think i could cap 60gb/500gb ever, i dont download movies anymore (i just wait for them to come out to the theater)

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comcast had to pay out for capping bandwidth in that class action... the payment almounted to about 4 hours of operating profit....


am i surprised? not in the slightest.

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