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(Notice I grouped them in decending order of awesome.)  

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  1. 1. (Notice I grouped them in decending order of awesome.)

    • Windows XP
    • Windows 7
    • Linux
    • Windows Vista
    • Mac

What OS do you use?

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Well I like to use linux to toy around but nothing serious. Just trying to test my waters in programming. But my good comp has vista on it, I don't feel like buying 7.

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ha lol, who would even use Mac or Linux in this survey. It is almost certain that nobody that visits this website is going to use either because windows is the only decent OS for gaming.

i can run counter-strike source pretty goddamn good in linux mint 7 with wine, also you can use a pretty motherfuckin decent virtual emulator to emulate XP and play.

I've heard good things about Cedega for Mac also.

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