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Monopoly tournament =D

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Hello guys and girls. I thought it would be fun if we could try and get some what of a tournament going for monopoly. If you would like to participate, just reply to the thread saying you do. Below is some info you will need about this tournament:


- You WILL need a pogo account in order to play. If you do not have one, go to http://www.pogo.com and create an account. Once you have an account you will be told how to get into the room by someone.


- This is just for fun. Battle for the e-peen again so don't make it to competitive.


- I would like this to be started on a friday or saturday night since people are more available then. However other nights can be played. I don't intend this to be a *you must play tonight or never* sorta thing.


- Rules are:


- Standard pogo set rules. If you a full member of pogo, no altering the settings.


- No stealing other players slots! If someone disconnects mid game, or is unable to continue, try and get a replacement.


- No ridiculous trades such as giving all your property away to one person for little money.


- If you see the above happening, take a screenshot and send it to me. I'll review it and if I deem cheating to have occured, the players will be disqualified.


- Take a screenshot at the end to prove you won aswell.


- Organise a time on vent or within steam, and discuss room, table and password to play in.


- Each game should only last 30 - 60 mins usually. When you are finished, tell me asap so we can get the next game sorted.


- I will randomly group players together depending on how many people wanna play. The winner will automatically go through to the next stage, 2nd place will get another chance to go through. Again I will make this more detailed depending on how many people wanna play.


Any questions just ask :)



(Added to make it easier)



At the moment there is a possible 33, although a few may not play. The way I see this working is it will be split into 3 stages. Firstly, 32 people will be paired off into a group of 4, meaning there will be 8 tables all together. The people who win 1st and 2nd will go onto the second stage off the tournament which will leave 16 people left. Again I will randomly choose the players to play against each other. Second round will have 4 tables of 4, but this time, only the winners will go onto the third and final round.


Ok first groups are:


Darth Jacen = 2nd

Epidemic = 1st


Sexy Fish = 1st

Suri = 2nd


Skitzo = 2nd

Bubbles = 1st


Spartan = 1st

Powernos = 2nd


Heyman = 1st

Ganzta = 2nd


Luxz0rz = 1st

Neji = 2nd


P3rg3 = 1st

Rusty = 2nd


Highsky = 1st

Flash_What = 2nd



Anyone else that wants to play will now be substitutes.


Note I honestly did this by random choice. I picked the names out a hat and is in no way fixed. =D


Please organise a time between your fellow players for the game. Try and get it done before the end of this week. Thanks

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