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Smash Bros. Brawl

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I remember I got the original for N64 the day it came out and now the newest installment is coming out tomorrow. I got my copy on reserve and I'm pumped for it. It's the first worthwhile online game for the Wii.


Anyway, does anyone else have a wii and plan on getting this? If you do my friend number is 2009-8537-1632-4092 and I'll gladly pwn you any time you want. Should be a great game.

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There are only two types of Smash players :





Anyways, when I get a Wii, I'll pick this up, though I hope online isn't ruined with everyone trying to make every match a mini tourney. SSBM was ruined for me because all of my friends were tourney crazy and every game was pretty much 1v1, high tier only, no items, Final Destination.

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Thats how ssbm is for me and my friends, but we have special games where we all pick a bottom tier character.


My 3 friends best characters are:

1. Marth (swordnub)

2. Captain Falcon

3. And my other friends best char is Yoshi.(he actually isn't terrible with him)


My best char is Luigi, and i can still beat the top tier characters often. Luigi's aerial attacks are the light of god.


SSBM is the only game i have for my gamecube, in fact, its the only reason i bought a gamecube. But the Wii might be too damn expense just to buy for one game.

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O man, me and my brother have been playing all morning......its sooooooo cool...


+Story mode is awesome

+Link is the best(still)

-Ice Climbers are still there =(

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