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Restructuring of Community Leaders

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The Board of Directors has come together and made a decision in order to help maintain and improve the quality of this community. In order to achieve quicker responses the board has decided to promote AO’s Red Tampon, Cloud Strike and LitKey to the position of BD. These three have proven to be consistent in their work/efforts to improve the community and fair to all of those they have passed judgment on. We approve of their decision making skills, attitudes towards others, and technical abilities. With this in mind we have placed upon them the responsibilities that come with the Board of Director position.


Haggard and I will oversee the operations of the Board of Directors, taking on the titles of President and Vice President, respectively. We will continue to manage all aspects of this community with the given power to Veto any decision found to be detrimental to the community.


Promotions in the Administrative Officer category are being discussed and we will announce our decision in time. I hope all of you find the changes to be appropriate, as we believe the community is headed in the right direction with the care of proper individuals.

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Thanks everyone. I'd like to thank Haggard and Zero001 for being fair and honest guys and for listening to the suggestions of us lesser folk.


of course to my gf for not riding my ass for being on here just about every weeknight.

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