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Stepping down as VP

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I'm stepping down as VP. Reasons are pretty simple, I'm not around much at all anymore. I don't play CS anymore, I haven't even started it up in months now. I don't feel right staying on as VP even though I was never really formally asked to perform any specific duties as VP, more of just an advisor to Haggard and the other higher ups.


I feel it's time for someone more hands-on to step into this role, should it still exist. Zero001 was a great example for those of you that remember, he was super technical and knew the ins and outs of all our back-ends...that did not come out how I meant it to. I never really got my hands as dirty as he did as VP, I was better at that stuff when I was a BD/AO. It's been interesting and an honor to be trusted as a higher up for over 3 years now, time flies.


I'm busier with other stuff Thurs-Sunday so not much time to game. When I am on to game I don't like to be bothered with anything else, so I can just enjoy the gaming.


Nobody forced me to step down or even made any mention of the sort, it's just the right thing to do.


I'll still be online and on Vent from time to time.


Thanks to all of you that made this place fun and interesting. That even goes to those I argued with, Italian Jew etc.


Growing up sucks.



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