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  1. Oh shit its you

  2. Irish

    hey Drox =D

  3. So am I going to be able to kill myself in game and not re-spawn as a zombie? You know like the good old days of Napalm:love:
  4. I think i just pooped myself with excitement:cry:
  5. what what waht waht what what waht what waht what wahhhhtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttakljdfnhsf;glkhjnsfg;kljh snfg;kjlhsfg;hksfg;hsfg;hsjkfgh
  6. Congrats!!! :) well deserved girl !

  7. yeah thats fine i should most likely be on as of right now nothing going on, ttul then.:)

  8. also re-added you

  9. You were removed when I did a massive clean up on my friends list like almost everyone was removed silly.

  10. Not sure why everyone thinks I am so inactive I am on the forums almost every day or at least every other day and I'm pretty sure I do my job when there's something to be done. 0.o Like what do you guys define as active?

  11. I am not inactive... Just because i don't post a lot doesn't mean I am not here nooby lol

  12. Congrats Vinyl!

  13. Happy Birthday the big 2 1!

  14. MESSAGE ME ON STEAM!!! or text me noob!


  16. Happy Birthday old man!! you are growing up so fast!

  17. Irish


  18. Congrats Floffy :)

  19. Hey hey, How are you? :)

  20. friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes I play =D and sure ill add you :)

  21. happy birthday exrev!

  22. Irish

    BALD I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!