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Okay.. soo i like and respect Honorable Gamers, first of all. Now, i know that when we switch sites and all that good stuff that most likely Honorable Gamer will be removed.


Now, im fine with that, but i was wondering if Honorable Gamer could be made into an Award? I know its been discussed in the past, but that was before we were switching sites and all that. I think it would be better and a award compared to a title in the first place.


Can we do that? And can you explain why not if so...or why a while back it was turned down. (im gunna say it was because people enjoyed it as a title)


Thanks! :biggrin:

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Look at his post count and you will know why this thread was made. I don't support....


He's a supporter... even when he hits 500 posts he won't become a HG.

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