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  1. I told you surf would be #1. Never doubt the SURF SQUAD!

  2. It's obvious you pulled these out of your ass, because they're shit. If you want to play MG, you're on the wrong server. Incentive? You seriously need an incentive to play a video game? The reason to play is because you enjoy the game. I like that you see a problem and brought it up, but I don't like how you resort to attacking those running the server or having a different opinion. I get it, you've never managed anything but think you can do it better than everyone doing it already. Shame you'll never get an opportunity to do so, right? For your sake, I'm locking this thread. If you have actual input or suggestions, you can make a new thread and try again. Keep acting like an asshole though and you'll be making a thread about how you miss being able to play on the server.
  3. 5/19/2021 Everyone can now upload profile pictures up to 300x300. Please note that all profile pictures are 150x150 so it'll get scaled down.
  4. Not too shabby. Too bad you couldn't hit 500 hours though. Maybe next time.
  5. Gator


    Hello everyone, To begin with, I would like to send a big thank you to Black Rain for all of her hard work over the years. She's been instrumental in leading the Events team and organizing raffles and will be greatly missed. She will now be taking on a well deserved retirement as a Veteran! Good luck @Black Rain with med school and don't come back till you're Dr. Black Rain! Next up has been a long time in the making. This individual has stood out ever since they joined the admin ranks and continues to impress every day. Please welcome TheZZL to the Board of Directors! We're very excited to have this board and look forward to seeing where @TheZZL takes us! TheZZL's responsibilies will include: Support/build/fix servers Approve admin applications Set up new Admin and Subscriber access Issue admin warnings/punishments Keep the community updated of any changes Final say in all admin disputes Plan for growth (website/servers) Support forum/plugins/logos Review and implement community suggestions Promote/demote server admins Handle admin complaints Handle disputes among fellow admins Be a role model to all admins/setting by example Collect donations, manage subscriptions, and pay the bills Manage the website, forums, and bansite Manage AT staffing and responsibilities ... anything else that needs to be done Congratulations you two!
  6. Gator

    Congrats on VP <3

  7. Thank you for all the memories buddy. Still owe you VP...
  8. You're lucky I have to work during this.
  9. 1/15/2020 Changed Senior Administrator to CS:GO Administrator Updated 'Whos Online' widget with CS:GO, Squad, and Rust Administrator roles.
  10. Correct. We'll be setting this up over the next day or two. Yup. However, everyone who was JA will still need to wait until they reach 3 months of admin and submit what was the "SA Promotion" form in order to received the extra permissions that came with SA.
  11. Hello everyone, As I mentioned in a reply a few days ago regarding changes in the admin application process, the Board has been busy discussing some changes to the community. Since our inception, Steam-Gamers has been a Counter Strike community. We've dabbled into some other games, but overall, Counter Strike has been our home. Because of this, our community has been built around being a Counter Strike community and that is reflected through our rules, policies, and rank structure. Within the past year, we've expanded from being just a Counter Strike community and have brought in TF2, Squad, and most recently, Rust. As we've expanded into these new games and look forward to expanding into more, we've found that the way we have some things setup and the way we do some things doesn't always translate between games. In order for us to fix this and adapt, we have to make some changes. The first change we made was to the admin application voting process. This of course isn't it's final form and will be tweaked as we discuss more and see how this change does. The second change is to discontinue the Junior Admin rank. The difference between JA and SA has always been very limited, revolving mostly around a select few "fun" commands for CSGO admins that were changed internally on the sourcebans side anyways. As Rust and Squad do not have any differentiating commands and simply only need one admin rank it is sensible that we revert back to only having one admin rank. In this way, we can make the function of the Server Admin rank virtually the same no matter if they are a CSGO, Rust, or Squad admin. We will still reserve the select fun commands for CSGO admins who have been around for 3+ months, we just don't need a rank to do so. This is in part to help us manage the community as it grows and in part to make the community more easily accessible and understandable to new people looking to get involved.
  12. You don't have to worry about getting a future position anymore, so that won't be a problem.
  13. Unfortunately some who do make solid input in votes will be "punished". Restricting to a case-by-case basis isn't a feasible option as there isn't a fair way of making a criteria to determine who would get it and you'll have members who feel they should be included but aren't. Doing a blanket change is the most fair way of implementing this change. Why would they? Team Managers don't have authority in our admin structure. To quote another Board member from when we were discussing this, "it's like the supervisor of the bakery department determining the inventory for the meat department". As I mentioned in my reply to deli about this, having a whitelist of people who can vote and aren't CA+ wouldn't be fair as it'd just be personal opinions on who would be eligible. If we favored just supports/reapplies from CA+ anyway, it'd pretty much be this system anyway. This is a great example of making a judgement without the facts. We're not just changing who can vote and calling it a day. We're well aware of how many CA+ vote and how much they play/what servers they play. We've communicated our expectations to the CA+. Again, we've communicated our expectations. With ~30 CA+, there shouldn't be apps that receive 3-5 replies. If that happens, we'll notice and it'll be fixed. This has been long discussed. It was just a coincidence that Rust and Squad had a similar process to this beforehand. As I've mentioned above, we've made server activity expectations clear. We're well aware that this system wouldn't be effective if changes weren't made to CA+ server activity. If there is something that we absolutely must know, it can always be PM'd to an IA or BD. I'm also curious what you would consider "something serious can fly over your heads" as I can guarantee we research each applicant enough before approving an app to know if there is something serious. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - While I expected some people to be unhappy, I wasn't expecting so many, so I should have mentioned in the OP that this is the first step towards some further changes that are still be discussed. As those changes are finalized and pushed out, it'll be clear why we've decided to move towards this voting system.
  14. Hello everyone, After some discussions, the Board has decided to change the way voting on admin applications works. Previously voting was public and anyone could vote. In this new change, only CAs and SMs can vote. Applications and votes will still remain public. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here.