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    Post Your Car!

    Back in April, I sold my truck and decided to try something new. Took until last week to finally get it registered due to covid and my out of state internship. Been really enjoying it so far and especially enjoying the mpg. During a ~1,000 mile trip, I only had to fill up half way which was very nice. It's a 2012 VW Golf TDI 6MT. Went from an automatic gas 4x4 truck to a manual turbo diesel hatchback lol.
  2. 9/3/20 Moved "Politics" subforum to under "News". Moved "Forum Mods" subforum to under "Suggestions Box". Moved "Donations Tracker" subforum to under "Announcements".
  3. 9/2/20 Separated "Team Fortress 2" and "Discord" into their own forums. Renamed "Servers" subforum to "Counter Strike: Global Offensive".
  4. Hello everyone, Through a clerical error from our Junior Director (coughblackraincough), we overlooked two additional promotions. Please join me in congratulating Tyymunk to Lead Advisor and Kopsta to Events Manager! @Tyymunk @Kopsta
  5. First off, let's join the Media Team in welcoming back euro! Euro was a member and manager of our Media Team a few years ago and did an excellent job. We're excited to see her back and if that fancy college education is paying off! Euro will hold the rank of Designer and her responsibilities will include: Manage forum and community website themes and layouts Manage all forum and community images (awards, rankbars, etc) Manage forum design sections (signature/avatar requests, etc) Work with Marketing to manage branding and community logos/external advertising Work with Server Managers to keep in-game branding and design (map textures for SG) up to date and relevant Work with Marketing to manage social media accounts (YouTube, Twitch, etc) Next, we have two individuals who have been working hard and have earned the title of Server Manager. We're very excited with what we've seen out of these two so far and look forward to what they will do in their new role. Congratulations to Kieran and Chad! Their responsibilities will include: Verify that servers are operational Reboot dead/lagged servers Assist in training new admins Search for new maps for all servers Upload maps to the servers and fast downloads site Edit map lists & rotations Congratulations again to @euro, @Kieran, and @Chad!
  6. Please post any suggestions you have for the new forums here. BUGS DO NOT GO HERE! PLEASE USE THE BUG TRACKER!
  7. So it wasn't just a myth???
  8. Greggy G has been permanently banned for refusing to wear a mask while on discord.
  9. Congratulations everyone!
  10. Hey everyone, Effective today, we are removing the 10 posts and one month forum account requirements for admin applications. While there won't be any requirements before posting an application, please make sure to still be active on the forums to have the best chances of getting approved.
  11. Congrats everyone! Welcome back Will!!