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I need your help! I pay wiff buttseks!

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Hello all..


I have started my own website and I need to generate some traffic here in the beginning to attract more people.


What I want you to do is to register at the website and if you can, then participate in the contests.. The contests are free, I do require though, that the pictures you post are yours.. Meaning you have all rights to the photo..


But this would mean so much to me! Also if you would refer it to people you know that take photos.. It would also mean alot of you just registered and not posting any pictures..


Also, I would love to hear if you find any bugs or have any suggestions!


The site is located at


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Registered. Also have two suggestions:


1) Can you make the timezone selection thing use the standard +/- GMT selection box? For instance, GMT - 5:00. It's just easier than looking through the huge list of choices, unless you have a solid reason for using that massive list.


2) Warn users that the confirmation email can end up in the junk folder. I use Hotmail, and the confirmation email ended up in junk.


Also, in your FAQ, there is a small spelling error in "How do I delete one of my photos?". It says the action can not be "redone", should be "undone".


I won't be using the site since I have no interest in photography, but I hope your project turns out alright regardless.

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