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  1. Hey there fellas! Today and until the 22nd the Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game is free on the Steam! Just go ahead and add it to your account and keep it forever
  2. Hey it's me, your old friend
  3. Hey, this game is free. Apparently some think it's good, idk. Grab it if you want! Offer ends 1st of May.
  4. Sure is a global crisis when you're back, hey buddy

  5. Can you ping the server from your cmd? Do you have anything at all that could interfere with your connection to the server, vpn etc?
  6. Up for grabs for free until the 15th - will stay in Steam library after that.
  7. I'd like to give my old friend vinyl a big congratulations. Congratulations.
  8. Hello! The game in the title is free for the next 2 days right here: All you need to do is subscribe to their newsletter if you haven't already!
  9. Hello creatures! Today we got Lego: The Lord of the Rings for free from our good pal Humble Bundle! Grab it riiiiight here From the time of writing this it's available for 1 day and 23 hours! Key has to be redeemed by the 27th!
  10. You're welcome buddy, I enjoy posting these deals to help others out!
  11. Seen lots of fun gifs from besiege - cheers and happy holidays!
  12. I was feeling in the mood for some LEGO games a few months back and looked this one up, decided not to buy it though because of what you mentioned. Happily grabbing it for free though! Edit: Also the deal is over now for anyone who can change tag.
  13. Hey ladies! Humble Bundle has just released Lego: The Hobbit for the low cost of subscribing to their news letter. Go grab it here: As I write this the offer stands for 1 day and 21 hours. Key must also be redeemed by 20/12/18
  14. Hello! Humble Bundle has released yet another fantastic bundle for those who are interested in video editing. This time around we got this list of software: Fastcut Plus Edition Voucher Code for Producer Planet ($9.99) SOUND FORGE Audio Studio VEGAS Movie Studio 15 HitFilm Movie Essentials VEGAS DVD Architect And last, but not least: VEGAS Pro 15 Edit As usual the bundle is split up in 3 parts - $1 for the first 2, more than average (currently $18.44) for the next 2 and finally $25 for the last 3. The bundle has a total value of $788 - where half of that is the $399 VEGAS Pro 15 Edit. Get it here: