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  1. Damn, it's really been this long. Awesome to see it still being alive and well!
  2. Sure is a global crisis when you're back, hey buddy

  3. Really nice partnership you guys set up, I've been using Humble Bundle for years and never been disappointed. I haven't tried their monthly bundle yet, but I may just look into it sooner or later and keep the referral link in mind! Gj Marketing Team!
  4. I guess I can say thank you too
  5. Haha, yeah it feels weird for me to be an oldie now. We're rocking these purple colors though

  6. Yo we be chillin like legends lol

  7. Isn't this what Spam Central was made for?
  8. congrats on LG!

  9. 1. Victory 2. I mean come on, could there be a more obvious one than final fantasy 7 victory theme
  10. Jesus Christ I worded that shit poorly LOL
  11. I can recall several times where SG regulars were banned from scrim for leaving and I don't remember any probems regarding that. I don't really see any problems with banning people from scrim only for leaving mid-scrim on multiple occasions.
  12. IIRC we used to punish people who frequently left scrims from the scrim server only, that should definitely be doable again.