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Windows XP Vs. Vista

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Stupid question, no offense.


If you can handle vista get vista, otherwise XP is fine.


Aren't you a computer tech?


The Reason i ask is b/c If you have Xp and you want to upgrade to Vista, Vista takes up Memory so lets say you have a 4GB, Vista will use almost 1 GB. So theres Pro's and Cons. And yes I am a Computer Tech.

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You should know that Vista is just a clever new GUI made to compete with Apple and their user-friendly Mac OS X. Like all other Windows versions (besides NT) it can run 16-bit and 32-bit and of course 64-bit drivers, and is still based primarily on DOS. Command prompts for XP and Vista are nearly identical, I have a Vista laptop and a XP desktop, I'll go with XP anyday.

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go Vista, it is not any more expensive at most places and the some of the newer features and settings are top notch - ultimate that is. If you get Vista and aren't computer retarded, you have to go ultimate. I love it, great security settings and stability. When I got it a few of my drivers were sorta crappy, but now they are all great.

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The use of more RAM isn't a bad thing. It just means more is preloaded into the memory cache and readily available for use. I can launch iTunes as quickly as I can open the start menu. The use of RAN is also determined by how much you have. My laptop with 2GB idles around 900MB and my desktop with 4GB idles around 1.4GB


Like Red said, if your computer can handle it Vista is fine. Either way they're both good OS's. If you're going the 64bit route Vista is the way to go. 64bit XP never matured into what the Vista version is. All of the drivers you'll need are readily available today, something that was lacking at launch and caused the wide "Vista sucks" bandwagon. If you can't find the driver, you're running hardware that's seriously outdated anyway.


As far as games, Vista x64 supposedly performs slightly better when running modern games. It can sometimes be troublesome to get older games running, but I've yet to find a workaround through compatibility mode. This guy is proof that you can game using Vista X64 406+ games

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Well when i first got my vista i was like omfg what is this shit


i'm not actually liking it.


never the less XP will be better for gaming, vista gives and new style to gaming.


i like vista i have it and its cool :d

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