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Public Education.

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Sir Ken Robinson talks about the the public school of today, and gives ideas for the public school of tommorow.






Imo, the most interesting part is from 6:35.




Don't post if you did not watch it till the end.





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I agree......I think our education system failed me.


Always been interested in learning, but education has bored me with exams and tests etc to the point that it's not interesting any more. It's just something you either put up with, or not.....wouldn't necessarily say you putting up with it makes you any more intelligent.


How many people say they're studying because they enjoy it? Some might...but generally the answer is "No, but I want a job". That's becoming more and more a fact of life....but is that really the best way..and does it have to be like that? Hopefully not....someone give the guy who made this video a medal.

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TL;DR warning! Basically: unnecessary tests, theories, New Jersey, hot English teacher, School start times, how shit should be done (imo).


I've been told that most of the standardized tests are purposely made to be boring, and the only reason for this is to give you more of a "challenge". That doesn't make sense at ALL. They aren't challenging they are just repetitive and unnecessary.


For example: Persuasive essays are becoming the #1 writing topic. The topics they give us are ALWAYS stupid and unrealistic such as "Your principal is thinking about enforcing uniform wear for everyone." or "Do violent video games lead to violent kids?". I think after one or two essays i would know how to write to someone about my opinion.


They should be giving us topics that everyone can relate to like something along the lines of "Your school might chip into the budget and purchase laptops for each class, or they can save the money for a brand new football field. Reply to your principal about which would be more beneficial to the school."


I fall asleep at least twice in the day, and it's not because i'm not getting a "good breakfast" or 7-8 hours of sleep. I think that theory is bullshit. I can get 2 hours of sleep and eat a piece of toast one day, get 7 hours of sleep and eat eggs, bacon, toast, ect the next day and feel the same as the day before. This how i am at least. It's because i can't pay attention and all i want is for the time to go faster.


If every teacher tried to put themselves in the position of their students, then hopefully class won't be as dull. I don't know if you guys know but Chris Christie (NJ governor) is fighting the shit out of the teachers, so this is good news because we wont waste so much money on the teachers. However, this is going to make some of the teachers all pissed off and not want to work or make class seem like hell which will lead to a dull education. New Jersey's education is terrible and very broken. Actually, NJ is just overall fucked unless Christie is willing to help instead of fuck us over like Corzine did.


I have an English teacher that is just awesome. She is on our level and is always spunky and excited for class. She knows how it is in school and she tries her hardest to make the class amazing. She's basically a teenager. This is how teachers should be. If you can relate to the kids, we are more interested and aren't dreading every class.


Also (i don't know how it is in other schools) but my school district has the school start times screwed up. High school students get up 5AM, school starts 7AM; Middle school gets up 6AM, school starts 8AM; Elementary kids get up 7AM, school starts 9AM. It should be switched for High school and Elementary students. Little kids can wake up easily at 5AM. I struggle to get up every morning. My sister missed at least 20 days of school due to over sleeping every year of High school until she graduated. This puts a toll on how alert and awake people are.


Just my thoughts about how somethings should be. I don't know, maybe i'm just looking at it like a teenager and not an adult. Oh boy i better prepare for debates and trolling.

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