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  1. ''Notice'' ??? They pretty much jump to your face haha!

  2. have you noticed how disturbed the lyrics are in some of Tyler's songs?



  3. haha i figured you'd get a kick out of that. ive been good man. i totally understand about the not having time part. though i usually just hop on minigames when i really should be studying haha. im actually getting me a gym membership TODAY. ive got this terrible spare tire ive got to rid of LOL

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA Well yeah.... ive been really busy these times with work and i got back to school and ive been working out alot too so i dont have much time for gaming at all. But i still go out on the servers once in a while tho! How have you been?

  5. Me: *knock knock*

    Your Mom: "Hello?"

    Me: "Hi Barber's Mom, can Barber come out and play?"

    Your Mom: "No, I'm afraid he's a fucking loser now and doesn't play CSS anymore."

    Me: "...oh....ok then...." *walks away sullenly*.....*BEGINS CRYING HYSTERICALLY!*



  6. Im a little late, but gratz big boy!

  7. I like your taste :b. Goblin by Tyler is one of my favourites.


    this another.


  8. Lmao i Like it but ill probably change it back soon :^_^:


  10. JrVt10PTD8I