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Win 7 Internet Slow

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Well my problem its that I just installed windows 7 32bit

and I noticed that my internet is slow I tried to google the problem but no answer

I have a 2 desktop and 1 laptop

The cable goes from my router to the wireless(netgear) from there 2 internet cable goes to my desktop and the other one, the laptop is using wireless. So if someone knows about it let me know please.


Thing that I tried:

In cmd: I type this "netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled"


I uncheck “Remote Differential Compression”

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Run speedtest.net and check up speeds, compare the speeds that you are guaranteed by your isp and make sure it is nothing on their end.

Also make sure your wifi router has a password with WPA/WPA2 protection, WEP is easily cracked by anyone with a 5th grade education, unsecured networks are an even easier target. Stuff like that is municipal but may be the cause.

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