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Tips ons saving on bandwidth?

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Move to a country that doesn't have any bandwidth limits. Though the more sane option would be to change ISPs to one that doesn't have a bandwidth limit.


Really though, YouTube will destroy your bandwidth. No way around it. You could try setting to the lowest quality, but it will use a ton still. :/

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Truth is saving bandwidth really won't help much depending on your connection. Can you run a speedtest at a place like speedtest.net and post results?


But if you insist on getting top performance:

Google TCP Configuring (or something like that there's an app for it but dialup is a pain)

Also try out NetLimiter 3 to see if any unnecessary hosts are using up resources

Next if you have a wifi router check to make sure it is password protected and make sure it is NOT WEP (WEP can still be cracked eeeaasssyyyy), WPA or WPA2 will do you good, or just start whitelisting mac addresses.

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