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Just got done playing a big woodsball game with 30 people.


Do you like to play Woodsball or speedball?

What kind of gear do you use and what gun to you have?


I use http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3109693&cp=2367438.2367824.2295234.2295235


During this game there was this kid laying down in a guillie suit and I saw a glint out of the corner of my eye and sprayed like hell over to him and I hit him 3 times in the helmet, 2 times in the shoulder and once in the hand. I felt bad because he got a headache.

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I prefer Woodsball or the things of the sort (I dont like the like openess of speed ball and woodball also gives more chances for thing like guillies which I love). And as for gear, I rent whatever the place has not oo much into modding shit ect.

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Guest Vivian556

I've only ever played Speedball, but I love it. My uncle owns a Paintball shop/course and used to let my play for free. :d I really want to try Woodsball though ;c

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I like Speedball. i have a Eclipse ETEK 2, and i have a Tippman 98 custom with a aftermarket barrel and t-fang trigger. My mask is a Dye i4, but I have Empire for my clothes, air, and paintballs.

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