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Ideas for Christmas (Mouse & Headset)

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For Christmas I am looking to get a new mouse & headset..

For the Headset:

-Not as important as mouse


-sturdy/trusted brands.

For Mouse:

-Wireless(for a laptop)

-Laptop will be used for gaming a little bit

-I dont need buttons everywhere on it.. Just good connection and fast.

-Would prefer a charging one.

-Laser??(I believe laser is better than optical?)

AS of the price.. cheaper the better... But the mouse is more important here.

Please bring me suggestions!!!



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Alright labarr, since your my buddy I will help you out you bump whore. :3


This is the mouse I had, got this and the same series wireless keyboard for 30 shipped, but this thing kicks fuggin arse. And it looks like it meets your requirements.




And as far as headset, do you want around the ear or over? I have OCZ Fatal1ty and it's pretty good, but got it for like $30 also. But I don't think you can go wrong with Sennheiser from what I hear.


Hopes this helps buddy :)

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