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  1. Congrats BoM :)

  2. Sooo happy we got away from vbulletin! can't wait to explore these new forums! Thank you everyone!
  3. what? XD

  4. Labor I swear to god if you don’t add me :(

  5. your prize is my friend request! congrats!



    I see this as a first comment, as this is the first comment since you re-enabled messages. THIS WAS NOT A RULE Give me prize

  7. hi Laballs :)

  8. Date & Approximate Time of the Bug, Error, or Crash: 7/6/2020 Map that was being played: am_lego_hdr Number of people in the server: 3 Any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat: Missing map Additional Information: Missing map, cannot join server. It is also not part of
  9. "Click a star, enjoy a meme"


    Bitch, I did that, and I GOT NOTHING. I FEEL ROBBED

  10. Who can I thank for the coding aspect of it!?! Although I was never into TTT, this seems like a great move for the server! Thank you everyone!
  11. Just want to see, I am loving the knife :) TY

  12. Labarr

    CS:S Scrim

    I'll give it a go!
  13. Gib me house. gib me tools. Labarr