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  1. Yea thanks, I did go ahead and already ordered that one, the BIOS doesn't tell me jack shit (thanks HP) but I am fine with trying out this RAM and going from there
  2. Thx @shoiep I assume this would work, even tho the timing(?) is slightly different at 11-12-B1 compared to the one I have at 11-11-B1
  3. Heyo, My aunt just got an HP from someone and I want to upgrade the 1x 4GB stick of RAM to 8GB of RAM. Here is the Spec list of the model, Memory part: The physical stick of RAM currently in the PC is a 1x 4GB stick HMT351U6CFR8C-PB, and according to this spec sheet on this stick It runs at 1600, not 1333 Does this mean the computer will limit the RAM to 1333? Then, if I am looking to buy another stick, what exactly do I need to look for? Ideally, cheaper the better, so if I can find a compatible 1x 4GB stick that would be ideal. Would any 1333 DDR3 or 1600 DDR3 with CAS of 11 work?
  4. I think 7 deep bench is a bit much.
  5. Sunday at 4pm works for me. Please ping me on discord if it changes, as I might not be on here again until then
  6. Congrats BoM :)

  7. No Respect for us Vets/Legends? SMH
  8. Wow, I literally just was like "I wonder if SG is doing a draft this year" I'd be down if it's a 10-12man league
  9. Hey guys, I wasn't sure if I should post this as a bug or just a QoL suggestion.. so here we are (As I am really not sure as to how many people with might affect) The old forums sat at The new forums sit at Everyone who has a hyperlink/shortcut to the old forum url will first be greeted with a certification error, then directed to a 404 page. Might be worth directing people away from the old URL Thank you
  10. Sooo happy we got away from vbulletin! can't wait to explore these new forums! Thank you everyone!
  11. Check/Use different power connectors if possible, maybe it's not getting the proper power? (This is what a quick google search lead me to)
  12. are you trying to update to a main windows 10 update like 1909 or 2004? I ran into this issue as well, I ended up just grabbing the .iso file and re-installing windows from scratch