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Tell-A-Friend Program!

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Yeah, we could all use some time to relax, couldn't we, Garf? ;)

Anyways. Just because our mighty leader has chosen to take a couple of days off, doesn't mean that SG and the work behind the curtain stops! It is a great honor, that Itch and I can present



Tell-A-Friend !

- - - - - -


As you know, here at SteamGamers we’re all about friends and fun – oh and drama, of course! Why not get more friends on here! That’s right! We’re officially launching a brand new Tell-A-Friend program. But wait! What will this get you besides new friends? Besides helping the community grow, you also get the shot at getting some nifty perks! See what we offer below this text!


How does this work, you ask?

I bet you have a friend from school or work that plays CS:S, GMod, Black Ops or Minecraft, all you have to do is to introduce them to our awesome community! And in addition to letting your friends know about the best damn community and the most awesome servers ever, we have found some different perks for you to achieve when referring new people to SteamGamers. For once you will get 1 raffle ticket for every 3 members you refer to SteamGamers who remain active. You can reach 3 levels as a referrer – bronze, silver and gold! Those will be rewarded by individual forum awards that look like this:



R_Bronze5.png R_Silver5.png R_Gold5_2.png


5 | 10 | 15


As a little bonus; if you achieve gold status with this system, we offer you a reserved slot¹ on the SG servers that supports reserved slots!


And now to the important stuff – the raffle! For every 3 people you refer, that remain active within SG you get 1 ticket to the raffle. The prize in this raffle will be prizes worth a total of $50 for you to donate to SG or receive via the Steam Store or PayPal. Please note that this raffle will be held 3 months from now, as we have to see if the people you have referred really are active!


To be active with this program, you have to fulfil certain requirements within:

  • Game activity
  • Forum activity
  • Vent / social network activity

The activity will be closely monitored by the Marketing Administrators, and we alone will determine whether the person is active or not. We will make every effort to be as fair as possible and will listen and respond to any questions that arise.


When you refer a person to SG you should PM either of the Marketing Administrators with a link to the persons profile on the forums. The person will then be asked to fill out a form and from there the MAs will monitor the user!


General rules

  • Person must not already be registered on the forums.
  • Person must be active according to the activity rules within this program.
  • Person will still count as being referred by you despite what rank the person achieves.
  • Your referrals will only be taken into consideration for the raffle after 3 months period.
  • It is ok if the person has played on our servers in the past. - The primary requirement is that they have not previously visited the Forums/Ventrilo.
  • Marketing Administrators and PO’s reserve the right to remove you from the program. (IE: in cases of falsifying accounts, cheating the system, etc.)




Q. Who can I refer?

A. Everyone! But remember that they will only count as referred if they fulfil the activity requirements!


Q. What is in it for the person I referred?

A. We are currently working on expanding the raffle requirements so the people you refer can win prizes as well! Hang tight!

- The more active they become the more chances of winning they will have.


Q. I have a friend I would like to refer – what do I do?

A. You inform the person of SG and maybe also about the requirements for his or her activity. When the person registers at our forums, you should PM Chobber or Itch with your friends name – they will take it from there and register the person as one of your referrals.


Q. I have referred 5/10/15 people but haven’t received my award/reserved slot!

A. Please PM Chobber or Itch with as much information as possible and they will look into it!


Q. What happens to my referrals after the raffle?

A. You will start from scratch and refer new members before the next raffle!


If you have any questions, feel free to either catch us on steam, in a PM or in a comment here!


¹ - This only applies if you have a clean ban record.

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Those will unfortunately not, currently be taken into consideration at the given time. But I will keep it in mind as we go along!


All well, no big deal since I only had 2 anyway according to my profile and I dont even know who they are. lol

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