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So, are the bears gonna go all the way this season?

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I'm a pretty avid bears fan, but i'm not an idiot, although the bears aren't a bad team, they certainly aren't good. Do they have the ability to win the superbowl? They most certainly do! Will they if they even get that far? Probably not. The bears have some great games, don't get me wrong, but there are so many inconsistencies on the team that it ruins any chances they have. O line either sucks or is mediocre at best, Cutler has some damn good games, he is a good QB(not great, good), but half the time the o-line screws him, and he has inconsistent games.


Anyone else got opinions on this? I would love for the bears to go all the way, but i highly doubt it will happen. One shitty game could ruin it all.

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