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  1. hows it going

  2. still do brother

  3. Hello Amit, i am here to ask you a question that has been swimming in my mind ever since i first arrived at steam


    How do you become a steam Admin?


    I've wanted to become a Admin, for the sole purpose of going after mic spammers, hackers, cheaters and racist annoying 2 year-old's. I find them almost all the time when i enter a server, and i want to do something about this. The problem of finding a admin in these situations is that the admin could very well be somewhere else, online but unwilling to come to aid, or just offline.


    Thank you for your time

    1. pp69


      To be a admin in steamgamers you would make an admin application I don't know if you figured this out or not

  4. i see you're playing gears of war 3 while our community nearly died!


    nice! what level are you? i'm 34