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WOW kills family values

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Yep, those are the WoW nerds I am talking about.




^ Or whatever was typed in that part... :rlol:


Kid was acting like a damn baby...AND HE STARTED CRYING! Now for those WoW defenders. I do not make fun of you if you are normal, but only when stuff like this happens, so if you are throwing a temper tantrum with your parents, turn your mic off or exit Vent.

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Legal, you can't post that or it might offend the WOW players! What are you thinking?! :001_tt2:


But seriously, LOL. What the hell is up with that? I loved it when the kid was like "That was some of the weirdest shit I've ever heard in my life..." It's sorta sad that a game can do that to people...

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I remember hearing this a year ago, and laughing so hard. I played WOW for a very long time and would never be offend at this post:) You have to be able to laugh at things like this. :)


But i like the fact some one took the time to add the text in a video. Before it was just a audio clip.

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LOL, and he plays lacrosse, how fitting. His parents are balless, my mom would have picked up the keyboard and slammed it across my face if I whined like that.


lacrosse parents ftl.

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