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I thought of writing my own ZM related story after seeing Ev's, I wrote the intro for it. Tell me what you think, and I'm open for suggestions.








There once was a great kingdom, a powerful kingdom, a kingdom which almost no one dared to oppose. Ruled by the great King Haggard IV. You could see this gigantic kingdom from the small village of Bronc, 20 miles away. This kingdom is Zombus Murde, most call it Zombie Murder. Zombie Murder seemed very peaceful at the time, but King Haggard IV soon grew worried by the terrible Havok Nation, rule by Lord Havok. There was tension between the great Nations, but King Haggard could rely on Litkey, captain of Haggard's Army.




Meanwhile, in the small village of Bronc there was a young and brave swordsman named Repeat. His real name is unknown but he wields a strange short sword (like Metaknight's). His nickname is Repeat because rumor has it that the swing of his blade can break the sound barrier and he could probably slash his foes 100 times in the blink of an eye. His name was known throughout

Zombie Murder, many fear his rumored skills, but in reality his skills are just that. Rumors. He wields his odd sword unskillfully but the chief of the village, Broncoty sees much potential in Repeat, and suggests he should become a soldier in Haggard's army...


"I'm not quite sure about this Broncoty" said Repeat, "I'm not nearly as skilled as everyone thinks." Repeat sighs. "I have faith in you Repeat" said Broncoty "I'm sure you can be an excellant warrior with a little practice."


"ROFLLLOLOLLOLOLOLLMAOHAHAHAHHUHUAHAHLOLLOLROFLMAO XD XD" said Microshock. Microshock was the village fool and he always gets into trouble. Broncoty took a throwing knife and took out Microshock's left eye. "ZOMGMMGG WTFBBQ AUUUGGGH WTF NOOB Y J00 DO TAHT I HAET J00 RAWRWRAWRWR DIE PLZ NAO." Mircoshock said as he lounged at Chief Broncoty only to be slapped

in the face with a fish by Broncoty. "OMGWTFH4X Y U H4X I R GUNA BAN J00 SOOOO HAERD DAT U CAL FAWR UR MUMZZLOLO!!!!!111!1!11" Cried Microshock, as he ran out of Chief Broncoty's Hut.

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Okay well I love it. I love any story in which I am a brave swordsman...even if my sword skills are in all actuality non-existant! :-P Funny stuff, Hazardous!





But now I have to kill you. Hehehe. My skills have improved.

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Chapter 1...


"LOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLO" The sound of village fool, Microshock woke Repeat up. He thought about what Chief

Broncoty had suggested yesterday. "What's the worst that could happen" Repeat thought to himself. So he left his small home to discuss the matter with Broncoty, and on his way he noticed Microshock trying to have sexual intercourse a moose. There wasn't a cloud in the sky that day. The birds were chirping and the wind was calmly blowing. "Fighting for my Kingdom could be fun" thought Repeat "Maybe I should become a soldier in Haggard's army." Repeat walked into Broncoty's house only to see an empty home, and a piece of paper on the table. It read:



Dear Repeat,

Unfortunately I've been asked to join Haggard's Army by Litkey. He senses that a war may come upon us soon and he needs all the help he can get. I asked everyone so far if they like to replace me as chief, but no one was up to it. So I guess that the village must be self-governed because I know you are not capable of being the village leader (lol). K bai!



Former Chief Broncoty.



"This sucks" Repeat said to himself. "Well I guess I should start to make my way to the Zombie Murder capital, Tampo." and that's exactly what he did. Repeat only brought one other thing besides some food and water, which was his odd looking sword.



Meanwhile in the Havok Nation, there was a scheduled war meeting. Commander Cloud Strike and Prince Solanum were there. And Lord Havok of course. Along with 5 others. "I propose that we send division 34 storming into the gates of Tampo in the front lines." said Cloud Strike "While the enemy is distracted, we'll send Division 22 from the back." "How do you expect an unexperienced division to to survive in the front lines?" asked Prince Solanum. "I don't" replied Cloud Strike as he grinned. "How could you sacrifice all those lives like that?!" yelled Solanum The other's murmured in agreement, but Solanum was just a prince and he was young. It was not his place to speak, only to watch and listen. And for speaking out of turn he had disrespected Lord Havok, since it was he, who called for the meeting. "How dare you disrespect me?" said Lord Havok. "I meant no disrespect sir! Please forgive me!" pleaded Solanum. "ENOUGH!" screamed Lord Havok "for you disrespect, you are banished from the Havok Nation." "I'm sorry, I promise never to speak out of turn again." Solanum pleaded again. but Lord Havok was not so forgiving, but he is reasonable, sort of. So Havok made a deal with Solanum...


"Rumor has it that there's a great and powerful swordsman by the name of Repeat in the Zombie Murder Kingdom. They say a slash of his odd-looking blade can break the sound barrier. This could mean trouble for my army. If you can kill him and bring his blade as proof, than you shall be forgiven..."

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